Covid-19 Resources for Families

Covid-19 Resources for Families

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Quarantine is a crazy time! We’re going to be in our homes with our families for another month, but we’re doing it for the good of society. Until we can figure out a way to protect ourselves and our loved ones from this new disease, we have to take actions that change the normal flows of our lives. But what actions do we take to stay sane in this insane time? What should we do when our ‘normal lives’ aren’t normal? What if something major happens in our personal lives?

I’ve made a list of websites that I found that are filled with resources specifically for dealing with life’s ups and downs during this Corona pandemic. They stretch from helping kids adjust to the new normal to the new school format. There’s even articles for what to do if you’re going through the death of a family member or are a divorced or divorcing couple. Please use and share these resources with family and friends.

Helping Your Children Adjust to and Thrive in the Temporary New Normal

We love our kids! We don’t like to see them going through hard times or hurting. When we were kids, we were never told by the Government that we had to say in our homes to be safe and keep others alive, but they are. They’re feeling the loss of friends, activities, school, and especially big events like prom. Quarantine is tough on them in a different way than it’s tough on us.

The following articles have great insights on how to support your children through Corona whether it’s by checking your own behaviors, limiting what young children see on the news, being honest about your own fears, or helping them through anxiety about the situation.

7 Ways to Support Kids and Teens Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anxiety and Coping With the Coronavirus

How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Family Life in Quarantine

Family is important, but when were cooped up together like this, tensions can run high, tempers can be short, and fighting might seem like the soundtrack of life. Stress is radiating from everyone now and that can make family life tough. The following articles have good advice for maintains mental health, destressing as a family, preventing (or at least minimizing fighting), and staying connected with Grandparents and extended family when we can’t get together. I also included a resource filled with ideas to keep kids entertained while at home.

Protect Your Family’s Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Ways to Minimize Family Fighting While Homebound

How you and Your Kids Can De-Stress During Coronavirus

5 Tips to Help Grandparents Stay Connected with their Grandkids, Despite Social Distancing

Avoid Cabin Fever With These 125 Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained During the Coronavirus Crisis

Parenting isn’t easy, but parenting a special needs kid is tougher in normal times. I raise my glass to all my fellow special needs parents and salute the teachers who are taking time to help our kids adjust to this craziness!

The National Autism Association is a great resource for families of spectrum kids (and adults) in normal times, but they’ve compiled a special list to help get us through this weird time. From helpful links about social distancing and proper hand washing to ideas to make sensory rooms and curbing wandering, this list is essential!

The NAA’s Covid-19 Resources for Families

Working and Learning from Home

For some people, being stuck in traffic on the way to work might seem like a vacation compared to being stuck at home with the kids. We love them, of course we do! We’re just not used to being Mom/Dad and Teacher while working from home, straightening up the house, and disinfecting anything and everything in our lives.

Teachers are doing an amazing job teaching our kids and keeping them on track as much as possible. My daughter’s school and teachers have been amazing! Remember your kid’s teachers are an invaluable resource. If your kid has a school question, make sure they’re utilizing their teachers’ expertise.

The articles below are filled with great insight and tips to help kids adjust to the new format of school. Whether it’s getting the work done and turned in or helping special needs kids thrive without their normal routine. Be sure to take a look at these articles!

Tips for handling work and kids during COVID-19 isolation

Virtual Education: the New Normal During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Helping Your Special Needs Child Get the Most Out of Home School During Coronavirus Isolation

When Hard Times Have Harder Situations

How to Mourn the Death of a Loved One During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Right before Easter, my family suffered the loss of a loved one. During normal times, it’s heartbreaking to lose a grandparent, but now I’ve watched my daughters struggle with the loss of their Grandpa during a time where it’s not even safe to hug each other or other family members.

This article talks us through that stark differences of funerals before and during the pandemic. On top of the loss we feel for our loved ones, were also feeling the loss of what we think is an appropriate final good bye through a funeral. The article has suggestions for incorporating technology in funerals to grieving with social distancing. Personally, I found this resource helpful in guiding my daughters through their grief.

Caught by the Coronavirus Crisis During Your Divorce?

Divorce is tough in normal circumstances, but adding Corona to this? There’s so many adjustments kids have to make when their parents are going through divorce and now they have to go through the stress of the pandemic.

This article not only has great advice for the couple going through divorce during the pandemic, but also has insightful suggestions on how to help their children too.

Navigating child custody in the time of Coronavirus

Custody arrangements can have hiccups here and there with divorced parents. Kids want to spend time with both parents, but how should you adjust custody situations and maintain your kid’s contact with a parent who’s far away or in a profession with exposure to COVID19? Our children’s health and safety come first and it’s our instinct to protect them and love on them.

This article has great insight on how routines and schedules can be changed and addresses situations such as long distance parenting and parents(step parents too) who work in areas where they’re more exposed to Corona.