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School’s In!

In School Issues, Therapy by debbieconley

Come Monday, April 5th, many schools will be welcoming students back to in person learning. For many students this is the first time they have been back to their school since last year. For others, it is the first time back for 5 days a week of in person learning. Many kids are excited about this. They cannot wait to reconnect with friends and teachers. Their biggest complaint is having to actually wear clothes to school instead of their pajamas! For other kids, their feelings run the gamut from ambivalence to terror. In my practice with kids, some have told me they feel like they will be re-experiencing the first day of school all over again. Some are used to the smaller class sizes if they were participating in Hybrid …

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And We’re Off!!!

In Schedules & Routines, School Issues by debbieconley

For many of us, school started today.  Some kids were already back last week.  This brings a myriad of emotions for both parents and kids, although vastly different ones to be sure!!  How can we make this year successful for our kids?  For the lucky ones, repeat what was done last year.  If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  For some of us, we may have to tweak a few things.  For others, a complete overhaul may be needed. I have spent the last month in my practice helping kids and parents gear up for a successful school year.  I thought it would be helpful to share some things that can make a positive impact. There are many other suggestions that can make the school year a success.  There are always …